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25 comments on “Lionel Messi – World Cup 2010

  1. If messi keeps playing the way he is now, it’s gonna be another scoreless

  2. Messi not scored because the genius’ maradroga wants to play in miedfielder
    …mesi is FORWARD, isn’t a number 10 classic like maradona
    ,zico,zidane,etc but MARADROGA because of COCAINE don’t understand that and
    make a big mistake put Messi in Miedfielder, my god maradroga

  3. He couldn’t score because he kept on getting fouled… and every time he
    took a shot it would be blocked…

  4. pensar que si hubiesemos tenido tecnico, este mundial era nuestro , era el
    mundial de Messi… nunca quisieron que te vaya bien, maradona jamas quizo
    que brilles mas que el, siempre quizo ser el, el protagonista…. perdimos
    con alemania porque la ignorancia de maradona, dejaba al equipo partido a
    la mitad y completamente regalado…. gracias a Dios ahora estas brillando
    en brasil, ya sos el mejor de la historia, pero si ganas en brasil , nadie
    te va a discutir, solamente los enfermos de maradona, que no aceptan que ya
    lo superaste..

  5. Ppl are crazy how u want from a player bring the world cup that soo crazy
    argantine team isnt good in def and mid and they have bad gk why u dnt ask
    the world cup from cr7 why only messi !!! 

  6. Messi was put on midfield because of maradona’s rubbish tactics, maradona
    was a good player but at coaching he sucks, now back to messi. Messi, for
    some reason, was put at Attacking midfield role, because Higuain and Tevez
    were leading the attack, at that time messi was a CF for barcelona and he
    did exceptionally well at that position, but in the world cup he was not as
    good as he was at barca because, he was put at CAM instead of CF, and
    argentina lacked great players to support messi at that time. I hope they
    do better this time with Di maria, Aguero, Messi, Lavezzi, and possibly
    Higuain. and also argentina has too many forwards!!! they need some great
    midfielders and playmakers 

  7. Just because messi didn’t score doesn’t mean he played bad most of
    Argentina goals where cuz of him and he helped out the team a lot

  8. I’m not a fan of Messi but saying his performance was bad for his standards
    ’cause he made no goals is actually the same as calling him the best just
    for his goal amount in Barcelona. He still had the movement and the shots
    at goal. But that Vincent keeper from an african team was too good and had
    some great saves against Messi.

  9. لم يكن محظوظ الأسطورة في مونديال 2010 ان شاء الله يصبح هداف البطولة و
    يحصل على مونديال البرازيل ٢٠١٤ 

  10. messi didn’t score in world cup 2010 in africa because of his team mate
    they were to selfish and also messi wasn’t confident he had the kills but
    he was a little bit too weak when they pushed him he got mad and want to
    call for a fault i didn’t see argentina was going far in that world cup
    because the was too weak messi was the only good player they had they
    didn’t have a good coach too maradona can’t coach a national soccer like
    argentina he doesn’t have a good mind a soccer player like messi need’s a
    coach like luis phelipe scolari. 

  11. Looks like Messi had a tough tournament in 2010, just so many close calls
    and missed opportunities.


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